KFC Going Soft, Introducing Boneless Chicken Tenders

The chain is rolling out 'Original Recipe Boneless' next Friday
KFC Chicken

Seriously millennials? It's come to this: KFC has announced their plans to roll out boneless chicken chunks April 14 to cater to the finicky masses who don't like dealing with bones.

According to USA Today, the chain has been working on this recipe for three years, hoping to move the chain forward in a time where fast-casual chains are gradually overtaking fast-food chains. "This is the biggest new product introduction for KFC in modern times," John Cywinski, U.S. KFC president told USA Today.

Executives apparently think this is the brand's biggest move since its founding more than 60 years ago. The Original Recipe Boneless is reportedly replacing chicken legs, thighs, and breast with white and dark meat chicken chunks twice the size of tenders, deep-fried with the secret herbs and spices sauce. Cywinski predicts that the majority of the chicken sold at KFC by 2014 will be boneless.

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"If it can't be held in one hand — or a cup holder — don't bother making it," Christopher Muller, dean at Boston University's School of Hospitality Administration, told USA Today. "That's the reality of the mobile world." Basically, everyone is lazy and will never enjoy the pleasures of eating greasy chicken off the bone with their hands.