19 Thoughts Everyone Participating in Open to Close at Kilroy’s Has

From spoonuniversity.com by Mary Voelker
19 Thoughts Everyone Participating in Open to Close at Kilroy’s Has

Photo by Lily O'Brien1. 8am. Time to get in line. Why did I agree to this?

2. I’m up and I am amazing.

3. Hell yeah! Got an awesome table.

4. Shit. Everyone’s on the patio and our table is inside.

5. Whatever.

6. Hour 1. Let’s do this.

7. Fuck. We forgot to bring games. Maybe those assholes next to us playing Mario Cart as loud as effing possible will let us join in.

8. K. Maybe not.
9. Phone’s dead. I quit.

10. Am I in the Hunger Games? Do I have a sponsor secretly watching my every move? An iPhone charger literally came out of nowhere. Let’s finish this bitch.
11. Hour 6. Friends are here! They’re all hammered. I’ve been here longer. How am I not?? F Open to Close. Let’s get drunk.

12. Hour 10. What just happened? Friends are gone. I’m drunk. How do I have 6 more hours to go??

13. Found friends. OMG do I look as bad as they do? Should I go to the bathroom and look at myself? Fuck I haven’t peed all day. Am I OK? What’s happening to my body?

14. Shiiiitt. We haven’t taken any pictures today! We won’t have one to put on the wall. We better start snapping some.

15. Hour 14. I. AM. STARVING.

16. Had enough energy to make a joke. Nailed it.

17. Can’t. Make. It.

18. Holy shit. We made it!

19. Let’s go get our t-shirts!

19. The next morning.

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