15 Food Trends of 2014

15 Food Trends of 2014

1. Gluten Free

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It seems like everyone decided to go gluten free this year. Grocery stores stocked up on everything gluten free, causing celiacs and gluten haters alike to rejoice.

2. Local Produce

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In 2014, everyone suddenly got angry when they became aware that food at the grocery store doesn’t necessarily come from farmer Bob down the street. Organic, local produce became all the rage as people demanded to know where their food came from. 2014 was a year that the little farmer down the road could celebrate. You go, farmer Bob! Keep those veggies coming.

3. Healthy Food

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There have never been more advertisements about healthy food then there were in 2014. Michael Scott may not care for healthy food options, but the majority of people think that it’s about time we started paying attention to what we consume. You are what you eat, right?

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4. Wings

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Chicken wings aren’t just popping up at bars and in college towns anymore. They’ve swept the nation, bringing saucy perfection to the masses. Bone-in or boneless and slathered in the sauce of your choosing, these bad boys offer something for every chicken lover.

5. Citrus

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No one could get enough zing in 2014. Citrus thrived in restaurants and kitchens in the U.S. and around the world. Bring on the sour.

6. DIY Everything

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Pinterest hit the kitchen this past year and people became obsessed with DIY meals – especially “on-the-go” recipes.

7. Avocado

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Avocados became the star of many dishes this year, leaving guacamole behind and entering the culinary world as an ingredient that should be added to pretty much everything. I mean everything.

8. Gastro Pub Food

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Pub food took on a whole new meaning in 2014. Classy comfort food offered up by pubs became all the rage and pub-goers couldn’t get enough.

9. Kale

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There are millions of kale recipes out there and almost everyone experimented with one of them, using this leafy green in 2014. Kale chips flew of the shelves at organic and healthy food markets this year, and people couldn’t have been happier to eat the healthy snack.

10. Hummus

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It’s everywhere. You probably have some in your fridge right now. Don’t even try and deny it.

11. Flavored Fries

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If you haven’t yet experience the phenomenon that is flavored fries, go now. Seriously. They’re sinfully tasty. A little rosemary and thyme transforms fries into a completely different, mouthwatering experience. And you thought they were good before!

12. Quinoa

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People who don’t even know where quinoa comes from know how to make this dish. However, if you’re not on the bandwagon yet, check this out. 2014 isn’t over just yet.

13. Food Trucks

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Chances are that you have a favorite local truck that meets all of your food craving needs. Serving up food in extraordinary ways, food trucks became immensely popular in 2014, and here’s to hoping they stick around for a long time to come.

14. Craft Beer

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Move aside Keystone Light, the artisans of the beer world are here to stay. It is now cool to drink craft beer, especially if it’s local, which means that you get to drink something that your tastebuds actually enjoy. Say goodbye to bland, watery beer and hello to the future of hops.

15. Hybrid Foods

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Mashups are no longer only heard of in the music industry. The kitchen bustled with mashup foods of different cultures and people freaked. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

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