A Vision for a Hunger-Free World

From foodtank.com by Katie Opalinska
A Vision for a Hunger-Free World

In a recent video by World Vision, Global Youth Director Paul Newnham comments on the perplexity of world hunger today: we produce more than enough to feed everyone in the world, yet nearly 1 billion people are still going hungry. 

“We have a vision for a world that is hunger-free,” says Newnham. “A world in which no parents have to tuck their children in at night worrying about, will they be able to feed them the next day?” 

Newnham notes that food aid, or simply delivering food to those that are hungry, is only a band-aid on a larger, more complicated problem. Long-term solutions that focus on sustainability and teaching individuals, families, and communities to feed themselves into the future is key. World Vision takes the time to invest in hunger-stricken communities so that they are not only able to eat today, but keep themselves fed tomorrow. 

On World Food Day, October 16th, World Vision asks for each of us to take part in ending world hunger. “Sit down and celebrate food,” suggests Newnham. “We want you to think about your favorite foods, we want you to think about your favorite people, and we want you to come together and have a meal.” When your check comes, World Vision asks you to double the amount and donate it to the hunger-free movement. 

It’s easy to take our abundant food supply for granted. Whether on World Food Day or any other day, let’s do our best to help those that aren’t quite as fortunate. Donate to the movement at www.hungerfree.org today. 

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