U Street Music Hall

Music Venue, Nightclub, Rock Club
1115 U St NW (at 12th St NW)
Washington, DC 20001


  • WiFi password is "Ball$" *..
  • if you don't dance then gtfo!
  • With a 1,200-square-foot, cork-cushioned dance-floor & a capacity for 300 people, DJs Will Eastman & Jesse Tittsworth designed their new basement club for one thing & one thing only: maximum movement.
  • Bring sweatbands, it gets hot up in this piece.
  • I went to the Music Hall on Friday night. Had a good time
  • Turn down for bros
  • Quite possibly the best dance club in America. Check their schedules for weekly listings. There is something for everyone here.
  • They took my 1st Fake ID
  • Find Tittsworth. Ask him about his favorite Tattoosday.
  • DAAAANNNNCCCCCEEEEEEE!!!!!keep your drinks off the floor noobs
  • Attn u hall patrons. 1. Stop talking and carrying on drunk conversations with your friends while a band/dj is playing. 2. If you have to use your phone, can you turn the brightness down? :-)
  • They fill the grey goose bottles with cheap vodka
  • Great sound system! The venue provides free water at the front left hand corner near the bar!
  • Try the butt shaking
  • Slowest coat check on the planet.
  • Duke Ellington grew up on and first played jazz on U Street, which used to be known as "Black Broadway".
  • Pick up a Tecate, the poor man's Dos Equis, and get on the dance floor until the room shuts down
  • The city's best dance club also has an adventurous menu: Try the decadent Jelly Belly, house-cured pork belly sandwiched between two glazed donuts.
  • Dont try and steal a sip of your friends alcoholic bev when you're underage. Very strict here. You will get kicked out.
  • The Smirnoff Espresso 100 shot is a killer but delicious.

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