St. Louis Outlet Mall

5555 Saint Louis Mills Blvd
Hazelwood, MO 63042
(314) 227-5900


  • come see the best Cabela's store!
  • Security is awesome.
  • Leave, go away from here. This mall is horrible and gross.
  • Cabelas rocks all I can say
  • shop ! Shop ! SHOP!
  • With the opening of the city trends stir this place has officially become a flea market
  • Why is this place an outlet mall now? stupid idea ever!
  • Baby Boot Camp also teaches a Stroller Fitness Class there. So much fun!
  • A store for everything!!
  • Go skating!
  • Never get your eyebrows threaded. Just trust me....
  • all they need there is live musical band, playing in the Mall itself, i think it would bring the people, and the Merchants -
  • Walk through the near empty husk of a once thriving shopping center to burn some calories! Ponder your finite existence as you watch stores die in front of your eyes. This mall taught me a lot.
  • Its ok not so bad here
  • Not worth the trip. Half of the stores are empty!
  • Every bathroom I go into has pee all over the seat. Really people?? You pee IN the toilet, not ON it. Or at least clean up after yourself! The cleaning people need to do a better job as well. Gross.
  • Worst idea ever
  • This mall used to be great but not anymore
  • Not worth it. 12 stores /facilities counting the church here.
  • This place went down hill fast

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