Slots A Fun

2890 Las Vegas Blvd S (at Circus Circus Dr)
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 836-6761



  • Beer pong inside the casino! How much better could it get?!
  • play single deck blackjack solo to ensure no moron screws the deck
  • Best chance of getting a drink is by going to the bar, don't wait for a cocktail server.
  • Besides offering $1 beers and other cheap drink options, Slots-A-Fun also has 1/2 pound hotdogs and some of the lowest table-game betting minimums in Vegas.
  • What!? No coin operated machines? No $.99 hotdogs/shrimp cocktails? No $1 table games? You've changed.
  • Tables games are gone:-(
  • Foot long hot dogs are gone!!!!
  • Check out the 1/2 price tickets kiosk in front, we built it!
  • Tables are all gone ;( it's not the same anymore.
  • Get a footlong hotdog for 99cents. Thanks Food Network for the tip!
  • When in vegas, come to slota a fin for old school cheap food special and low limit tables
  • Play craps on the table right at the front. It's practically on the sidewalk and very cool!
  • Massage chairs in the back!! Use one & you're ready to go back out.
  • This is the first place I noticed the addtion of information on my profile and accounts that I didn't expressly put there myself. I was gambling I was have great luck only $20 but I am easily amused
  • If I were homeless and wanted a place to lay on the floor and drink a 40, this would be where I would do it.
  • The recession special used to rock! Was $1 for a hot dog and a soda. Last I saw it doubled in price, the dogs were a fraction of the size they used to be, & the place was about to be torn down...:(
  • Pool to play
  • Pool is cheap to play but drinks have gone to almost double the price
  • No table games what so ever. But they do have beer pong and bowling
  • 24 hour beer pong, sluts of fun

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