Row 1

The Hollow (at Hersheypark)
Hershey, PA 17033

Foursquare Tips

  • They're building a coaster on the side of the road? Unheard of.
  • GREAT ride but it's nickname is ThighCrush for a reason!
  • LISTEN when they say leave everything behind! No glasses, cell phones, etc.! No matter how secure you think it is!
  • Skyrush is the best!!!
  • The line typically dies off a bit in the evening. Also, did you take all loose articles out of your pockets? No one likes lost belongings.
  • The rush is definitely worth it, but harness left bruises on my legs and it was painful during the ride!
  • Sit in the back seat. The speed is awesome!
  • Be prepared to SCREAM! :)
  • Enjoy the feeling of rushing through a part of the park that was known as the "Sunken Garden" from 1932 - 1973.
  • Its a waste of $11 million!!!! Dont bother with it!!! Its hurts like crazy!!!!
  • Seriously, take everything out of your pockets...including your wallet if you don't have a button pocket.
  • Take EVERYTHING out of your pockets. You WILL lose anything in them (change included)!
  • Stay away from screaming children
  • If you like spending thirty seconds crushing your femurs and on the brink of unconsciousness then this is the ride for you!
  • Don't have ur restraints down too tight ur thighs will hurt...good ride though
  • Plenty of Airtime rather painful ride
  • Ride in the front. As close as flying as any human can get.
  • Get the end seat, experience the front at least once!
  • front row seat is the only way to roll...
  • Take out loose change too!