Phở Gia Truyền Bát Đàn

Noodles, Vietnamese, Asian
49 Bát Đàn
Hoàn Kiếm, Thành Phố Hà Nội


  • The best pho I ever had and they're the world best pho without any doubt. I was suggested by local friend. If you have no idea what you should order here, just order "Tai Chin". No regret guaranteed!
  • One of the best pho in Hanoi- according to locals. 45000 per bowl, pay first and you will pick up the food from the "counter". The broth has been cooked for hours and the noodle is smooth as silk.
  • Order "Tai Chin". Best northern Pho. Pay. Eat. Smile.
  • Supergood soup pho. Better be here by 5:10 pm to get a table (3 small and 1 big - that's it). Red sauce (from large bowl) is devil hot!
  • It's good pho. Tai = rare for 45,000VND, chin = well done for 40,000VND and 50,000VND for rare, flank steak. I'm not sure if the fried bread was free or not. Didn't get it
  • Sar sincero: non ricordo cosa ho preso, ma era davvero buono!
  • Pho Bat Dan xep hang noi tieng. Nuoc pho o day khong co mi chinh (bot ngot) ;)
  • Ph C C 2 Thuy Khue str, Tay Ho, Ha Noi
  • Ph xao ngon nht th gii.thit bo mm,nc st sanh ngot. Mi ti gia mc =_=
  • Im here in July 2019 and its closed again. May be theyre having annual break every July
  • Broth is glorious. Perfect hangover cure.
  • Delicious! Just do it!
  • Thi thong qun sc mi than, rt kh chu v n mt ht c ngon. Thi bn hng thiu nim n.
  • Best pho we've had here in 6 weeks. Make sure to get the savoury doughnut thingies to dip in the broth - it's 5,000 VND for 3
  • C nm nay, tun vi ln, c sng sng l mnh im danh y u nh vt chanh. n ph Bt n xong, thy ph no cng chn. Nhng m ng n quy nh, siu bn.
  • Hai hng ph ngon cnh nhau : hng Ph M chuyn ph xo, hng ph gia truyn chuyn ph nc (t xp hng bng b phc v) :))
  • The rich broth, excellent cured beef and famous chili sauce gives Pho Bat Dan its well-deserved reputation. There is no table service and the ambiance is reminiscent of Hanoi circa 1985.
  • c s sn xut bnh ph sch theo li trng tay th cng duy nht cn li ti H Ni, cc k ni ting
  • Qun nh , nh c , khng gian m ...
  • One of the best pho in hanoi! Self service - pay at counter first and collect your meal. If coming for dinner, it opens at 6pm.

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