Madam Zhu's Kitchen (汉舍中国菜)

北京市, 北京市


  • They have great Dan Dan mien. It is not on the menu, but they prepare it when you ask. Very worth it!:) spicy ;)
  • The plants will make you happy. And so will the food.
  • Madame Zhu is delicious and not too tricky for a foreigner. Definitely worth a try.
  • Really really greasy for a Shanghai restaurant....
  • Well designed place serves wonderful Chinese food. Like their deco.
  • Love the menu design! You can tell the food is really good from the ingredients.
  • Come with a big group and you can't go wrong ordering!
  • Great food with amazing decor. From appetisers to main course to desserts are mostly recommended. The tofu with salted fish is pungent but nice.
  • Special Dinner
  • Potted plants here are precariously poised at many points, as if plotting an evil plan.
  • Infer numerous indoor plants were sighted but their strategic values are doubtful.
  • The environment is pretty decent, clean with numerous plants placed in strategic positions.
  • I love the pictures in frame as decorated on the wall!!!

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