Fork In The Road

$ $
1821 S Fielder Rd
Arlington, TX 76013


  • Every meal is unbelievably incredible. Impossible to stay away. Try something new each visit.
  • Voted Best Hamburger In Arlington! Why eat anywhere else?
  • Ruben!!!!!
  • Burger of the Week! Chef inspired, created, cooked! Absolutely no comparison!
  • Burger of the week and whatever else the Owner-Chef has in mind. Menu changes, check out Facebook page frequently.
  • Burger of the week. Crack-o-roni. Desert. Mussels. Always fresh daily.
  • Amazing food, not simple food, the flavors of every dish is something marvelous, complex, and enjoyed bite by bite! This is masterfully prepared by an experienced Chef and not by a simple cook-fry-guy
  • Everything is great! Food, atmosphere, prices, and employees. I've seen people of all kinds join together at this fabulous diner.
  • Definitely recommend the crack...a roni! Sinfully yummy!
  • The gorilla biscuit is fantastic and you can't beat the deal on the mussels!
  • One word: Crackaroni.
  • Mussels. Everything is good, but mussels, love them.
  • Loved their grilled cheese
  • It doesn't matter what you get here it's all good, the crack a roni is awesome and their burger of the week is always a hit.
  • Veggie burger was basic AF... pretty sure it was the frozen Boca patties you can buy at the supermarket.
  • Nice funky sandwich place: I had the Gorilla Biscuit (which is actually a wrap with Ham, corned beef and pastrami) a side of the Mac-N-Cheese (3-cheeses and truffle oil) and the fudge red velvet pie.
  • Weird sodas on offer
  • Our Caesar Salad!!! Best salad I've ever had!!! When craving for a salad, this is my first choice!!!
  • Build your own specialty burger and onion rings & crack-a-roni
  • Crackaroni lives up to its name. Great burgers. I wish I took a pic but ate it all instead.