Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre

Food Court, Market
335 Smith St (New Bridge Rd)
Singapore, 050335


  • Xiao long bao at #02-135. Authentic and cheap! 10 for $5
  • try the hongkong soy sauce chicken mee, #02-127
  • Tong Kee wanton mee is quite yummy
  • Chwee kueh #02-43! The kueh was non-sticky and light, paired with chai por that is nicely fried, not drenched in oil. Chilli with hints of shrimp, the dish balances a light base and savory goodness!
  • When on doubt, follow the line. I checked out Sarawak Kolo Mee stall 02-40 and I wasn't disappointed. Yeah, a Malaysian reviewing Sarawakian hawker food in Singapore. Oh, the irony. 8/10
  • The Good Beer Company at unit 02-58 serves great beers from around the world in unique surroundings. Choose from the display chiller, grab some food from a neighbouring stall, and enjoy!
  • Remember to visit Heng Ji Chicken Rice. Closed on every Sunday. The owner takes a 2 weeks holiday every June. Chk b4 u go. Singapore's Best Chicken Rice.
  • Wantan mee: Tradnal home-made local fave can b found @ Zhen Zhong Sin Hoe Kee () #02-177. Noodles 'q' (chewy), char siew (BBQ pork) slices generous but slightly salty. Run by elderly couple Yeah!
  • try the Xu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Foo !:) fish cake price has increased to $0.80 though :/
  • You are a few steps away from saving a life! Drop by the Bloodbank @ HSA (11 Outram Rd, opposite Outram MRT) while you are in the area & make an appointment to donate blood today.
  • Chang Ji Cooked Food Sambal Clams #02-197 Wed - Mon : 5.30pm - 11.00pm
  • Yue Ping #02-65 fried pumpkin cake is great! must try.
  • Delicious and value-for-money vegetarian dishes for lunch at a lesser-crowd aircon spacious dining hall at # B1 of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.before going to buy stuff at Chinatown market.
  • Apart from the L2 food centre, do not miss the basement wet market for fresh fish, freshly-made Yong Tau Foo and many more. For the uninitiated, a bit overwhelming but that's part of the fun!
  • Good food center
  • Fatty Ox HK Kitchen: Very yummy soya sauce chicken; smooth & tender. Pair it with the springy noodle or rice.
  • Tou Cheong Fish Head from Hong Ji stall at #02-46 is pretty decent too.
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  • Emerald Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle @ #02-044: 1 out of 2 stalls where mum likes to da-bao whole chicken back home. Its flavourful & not too saltish, I also like. This stall is slightly cheaper
  • Hong Kong Mongkok Dim Sum @ #02-097: Mum's favourite place for fresh & meaty Har Gao, Siew Mai & Char Siew Bao. When she got craving, she would take 1.5hrs bus to & fro to da-bao one box each of those