100 Century Avenue Restaurant (世纪100餐厅)

Chinese, Japanese, French
100 Century Ave | 世纪大道100号 (SWFC | 上海环球金融中心)
浦东, 上海市 200120


  • . 15%Tax ^^
  • Unimpressed with their current ways to deal with visitors. Went to the 91 floor for a coffee to find it's a 120rmb minimum charge! They said go to bar on 87 floor, but residents only on sofas! Bu hao!
  • It may be hard to find the entry. Go from the back of visitor place which leads to the top floor. Get a stop of level 91 and change elevator. Have a cocktail, enjoy the view, with no entry fee.
  • Lovely place with great view and best hotel buffet breakfast I have had in Shanghai!
  • 91 ~ !!!
  • Get the fried white bait and a drink and take it slow, enjoy the view and fulfill the 120RMB/pp minimum.