Mkn247 / Boat Noodle @PKNS

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Kompleks PKNS
Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor


  • The space and ambient is better than boat noodle inside shopping mall. Very suitable for family and group. Comfortable and spacious
  • Before nie makan okay kali nie service mmg macam haram..slow gila..orang tak ramai mana pun..
  • Combo lunch available only from 1st DEC - 31st DEC (12PM - 2PM)
  • I ordered pad Thai bc its new on the menu. And they gave me kaw prad. But changed it to pad thai again. Its so blunt, so plain, so yucky, tasteless, I mean I'm down with the fever but still mhmm nope
  • Sangkayaa roti bakar. dia punya pathumthani & ayutthaya better than boat noodle dlm shopping mall
  • wifi password : password
  • super tom (T01) is delicious
  • This place is open 24/7 guys, hence its name. Cozy place to eat and chill, plus the boat noodle itself pon sedap kat sini!
  • For student the price is not moderate if you want to chill out at there thats okay. Most likely everything taste like thai recipe.
  • Best ! Tempat selesa tapi lebih rindukan meja dan kerusi kayu feel tu lebih
  • Try out their new tomyam superr! Super good!
  • New eating place in bangi. Awesome noodles and price at par with others
  • 1st time dtg, tengok menu mmg merepek, sbb dah la menu dlm thai, gambar pn xde..ape ingt sume org faham ke..pastu air panas paling murah rm6.++, mhal gler..baik ak minum air dkt papparich or oldtown..
  • Boat noodle sangat sedap kat sini!
  • Aku rasa kedai ni dah tukar owner. Sbb menu dia dah 100% follow boat noodle. Dah xde menu2 sampingan. Tutup pkl 10pm. Jgn dtg time2 dia nk tutup. Diorng hidangkan mee xde kualiti

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