McMenamins Hotel Oregon

310 NE Evans St (at NE 3rd St)
McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 472-8427



  • Red berry boutique is right down the street, stop in and check out their awesome clothing?
  • Golden Valley Brewery is right around the corner. Save being embarrassed and go around the corner. Their beer is better anyway.
  • This was not a dupe! I made it because the other one is for the hotel, not the restaurant. (The title USED to be McMenamins Hotel Oregon Restaurant.)
  • Worst service ever! Got a beer took 1 drink sat it down. Asked a waiter to exchange it for a different one she said I would have to. The bartender lectured me about wasting a beer. Unbelievable.
  • Beautiful roof top restaurant, awful service. I don't think that I've ever been to a restaurant where the servers thought I was such an inconvenience.
  • Be prepared for the slowest service on Earth. Seriously. I've never eaten at a restaurant with slower service than here.
  • If you like dust, itchy eyes, loud pipes, creaky floors, early morning garbage-truck wake-ups, creepy decor and strange, pervasive smells, this is your place. Tip: Open your window for fresh air.
  • If you ever get a chance, come on a night when Crown Point is playing; you won't regret it!
  • Nice hotel for a short stay as rooms are small. Rooftop bar/restaurant has an awesome view and great beer.
  • A cold Hammerhead beer hits the spot even on a cloudy day.
  • The noisiest hotel that I have ever stayed in! And I do travel a lot. They must have had complaints, since earplugs are provided next to the soap.
  • Try the Terminator Stout.
  • Have lunch @ the rooftop. Go to th very top & enjoy the view.
  • WTF? Isn't Oregon supposed to be "green"? Plastic? Alllllll drinks are served in PLASTIC
  • There's no TV in the rooms so make sure u stay with someone who u enjoy conversing with.
  • Beware of the ghost from the 80's. She wears mom jeans.
  • Great spot to watch the sunset! Cocktails were great and the food was awesome too! They do close early but that's McMinnville.
  • Super affordable and central. Rooftop bar is ideal in summer. Shared bathrooms in hotel very clean.
  • great place to stay, quiet during the week.Not sure I would stay on a weekend
  • Eat and drink elsewhere. Beer and food: meh. Service: where?

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