Row 1

381 E Main St (at Grant Ave.)
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 464-4626
Fast Food
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • These people have no business BEING in public, much less trying to wait on the public!! Corporate should come in and start knocking some heads!
  • hash browns are always good in the morning!
  • This location has roaches, be caution when eating fries!
  • Ugh! Why do I continue to come to this place?! Service is awful and slow! One day I will learn my lesson!
  • Lesson learned you can't argue with ghetto people.
  • Slowest McDonald's ever.
  • The tips are right, they won't get your order right.
  • Great place to shoot up some heroin.
  • I do have to say the employee's are rude! :-/
  • They never get the order right, we have to re order when we get to the window because the idiots working are to busy talking to each other inside.
  • This place on the inside is worse then a fucking crack house
  • I recommend going through the drive thru rather than going inside. I have never had problems with the drive thru but had to wait in a three ring circus for 10+ minutes when I went inside.
  • The service in this establishment is god-awful. I have never been so insulted in my life.
  • Got order wrong again. Really slow. The fish sucks now.
  • Late night breakfast is the best. And I really like a Mcflurry every once in a while.
  • Everytime I go there the coffee is older than I am,and the managers rude. sounds like its time to do some spring cleaning!!!!
  • Slowest experience ever. Employees using inappropriate language. New management needed for sure.
  • Seriously. Last year I left a tip talking about how the ice cream machine is never working, it's still not. If you want anything ice cream related I suggested going to the McDonalds on South High.
  • This place never has its ice cream machine working!!! I want some ice cream!!
  • I agree. The first window guy scard the shit out of me cause he started yelling at someone leaving fir the day. The girl on second window almost forgot my pop. For real... come on.