Jake’s Wayback Launches 9-Patty Burger

The chain’s outrageous offering contains 5,100 calories

Triple Triple

We’ve given you a rundown of America’s unhealthiest fast-food menu items, which topped out with Hardee’s Monster Thickburger’s 1,300 calories and 93 grams of fat. Well brace yourselves, America, because there’s a new item on the menu at Jake’s Wayback that makes the Thickburger look like a kale salad by comparison: a nine-patty behemoth dubbed the Triple Triple Burger that packs a walloping 5,100 calories and 117 grams of fat.

Jake’s, which began in 1991 and currently has 62 locations across the country, is introducing this new gimmick to bring attention to the brand’s recent overhaul and plans for a widened expansion, according to Burger Business.

For comparison’s sake, this burger, which also contains nine slices of American cheese, is the equivalent of nine Big Macs.

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The $12.99 burger was originally launched as just a test, but it will be an official permanent addition as of March 1. The chain is known for allowing franchise owners to create their own menu additions, which then get rolled out nationally, as with its recent "Irish Nachos," which top chips with chili, Cheddar-Jack cheese, jalapeños, and onion.