The Horseshoe Lounge

Dive Bar
2034 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704

This is the dive bar for the country lover. It looks a bti sketchy from the outside, but the inside of the horseshoe-shaped bar is perfect for people meeting, as you're forced to face others in the joint. There are lots of old regulars and new visitors, but no matter what, it will become a favorite of yours. There are also some great happy hour deals here. Don't bring out your phone for pictures here; no photos allowed.


  • Laid back dive bar that takes cash only and serves up a limited selection of down to earth beers and setups (BYOL). Also has shuffleboard and a jukebox full of country tunes.
  • Five bucks says I can beat you in shuffle board.
  • No more BYOL as of February 2011
  • If you're looking for an authentic Texas dive bar, this is your spot.
  • Buy Dixie a Bud red!
  • Dixie was our bartender and made an everlasting impression! You know when you return to the Horseshoe they will remember your name.
  • The edge of the bar is padded for when you're too drunk to keep your head up!
  • Dixie is the best!
  • Ask Dixie if she knows any good jokes.
  • Miller High Life never tasted so good.
  • The bartender reminds me of Elvis. A she-Elvis
  • Dixie is frakkin' rad!!
  • Straight Cash, homey.
  • It's cash only.
  • Do us all a favor! Don't play the Dixie chicks. Reid hates it!
  • Dixie is the best bartender I have ever had! Any bartender you go to after a trip to the Horseshoe will pale in comparison.
  • Tip Dixie well, she's awesome
  • Best shuffleboard in the universe!

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