Gold Medal Park

Park, Scenic Lookout
1201 Yale Pl (at 2nd St)
Minneapolis, MN 55403


  • Best place to take cliche engagement photos.
  • If you're watching fireworks...wear an extra pair of undies...grass is wet!
  • After you stand on the mound, go into the Guthrie theater and go outside out on that wild ledge and u can look down on it. Good thing to do early am n it's free!
  • Top of the mound has a great view of the city and river, also a great spot to have a beer.
  • Walk to the top and take a look!
  • Get sick biking down the big circle bike path down the hill
  • The top of the hill is a fantastic place to watch 4th of July fireworks! Bring your camera + a tripod! Also a nice picnic spot--be warned, not a lot of shade!
  • Always perfectly manicured and great place to see fireworks
  • Perfect place for a picnic on a warm day with free views and delicious icecream only steps away (Izzy's)
  • Grab a scoop at Izzy's and hang out at the park.
  • Get some Izzy's ice cream and eat it in the park.
  • Lovely spot for a lunch break!
  • It's amazing how many people they can pack in here for the fireworks. Be careful on your way out as traffic can get gnarly.
  • A nice downtown green space full of skyline and river views
  • A great park to catch the Independence Day fireworks! Pack a picnic, bring a blanket. #FamilyFun in ##Minneapolis!
  • 35w memorial is to see.
  • Great view from the top, especially when all the city's lights are on!
  • Good place to read a book on a sunny day
  • Great to walk in on summer nights! Theres a random hill you can go sledding down (in winter) or long boarding down in the summer!
  • Great to walk in on summer m

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