The Ultimate March Madness Viewing Party Guide

Have the best possible NCAA tournament with these handy party ideas
March madness


Have the best NCAA tournament ever with these fun party tips.

If the world of sports is starting to feel a little crazier these days, that’s because March Madness is upon us. For three weeks at the end of every March (and beginning of April), the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament dominates sports coverage, as people compete to have the perfect bracket and watch endless games on TV.

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Getting in on the action is incredibly fun, and if you want to go above and beyond just filling out an online tournament bracket with your friends, throwing a March Madness viewing party can be insanely rewarding. But as with any major event, throwing the ultimate NCAA watch party isn’t as simple as buying a 12-pack of your favorite beer and a takeout pizza, texting your friends, and calling it a day.

Throwing the ultimate March Madness party requires planning, plenty of your favorite tailgating dishes, and a cozy viewing area with as many TV screens as there are games. So fill out your bracket, grab an ice-cold brew, and get ready to have the best March Madness ever!