15 Party Fouls You Should Never Make

Advice from the best in the party business on what not to do when entertaining

Party foul

As any host knows, it takes a lot of time, thought, and effort to pull off a successful party of any size. From the tray of signature cocktails awaiting guests as they arrive and the free-flowing full bar, to the thoughtful touch of placing cozy pashminas on the backs of chairs when dining outdoors in case guests get cold, it’s these details that ensure guests enjoy the get-together — and that’s just what a host wants. But sometimes guests can take advantage of those small touches — walking off with that pashmina, or if it's an open bar, knocking back as many shots of Patron on the sly as they can, just because they don't have to pay for their drinks. Party foul!

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Whether you’re a host or a guest, there are a lot of rules to remember when attending a party of any kind. Some are standard, like being conversational with guests at a cocktail party, or not being ridiculous and pounding your fists on the table like a caveman at a dinner party. But what about the host who leaves guests high and dry in the living room while “tending to” (a.k.a. hiding in) in the kitchen, or the guest who doesn’t RSVP, then shows up at the door with a guest in tow, ready to eat?

Before the holiday party season begins, we wanted to review some of the worst party fouls guests and hosts could ever make to ensure that your next get-together, gala, or wedding goes off without a hitch. For advice, we consulted a highly-experienced group of event planners — some of the best in the business.

Having thrown hundreds of thousands of parties over the years, these people have seen it all — from the drunken bride and the cash bar (yes, really) to the host who is planning a party where a specific dress code is required, yet they fail to notify their guests. Or consider the weddings where there is a three hour period between the end of the ceremony and when dinner would be served (yes, there are those, too). What does a group of friends naturally do when they're together and have nothing else to do? Drink of course. But as a host, having a cocktail hour that is over an hour is a recipe for disaster. And it’s expensive. There is a reason it’s called a cocktail hour. So just don't do it.


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