The Best Restaurant Near Every NCAA March Madness Arena

Heading to the Big Dance? Consider these places for a pre- or post-game meal
The Best Restaurant Near Every NCAA March Madness Arena

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NCAA March Madness is upon us, and with Selection Sunday already behind us, the match-ups are set and the games will begin today, starting with the “first four.” Those will be played at the University of Dayton Arena in Ohio, with the remaining games spread out over 13 additional venues from New York to Washington State, and California to Iowa.

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If you’re lucky enough to be attending one of the tourney games, you’re probably in full planning mode regarding your trip as far as tickets, flights, and hotels go — but have you thought about food? The arenas are all located in cities with ample dining options, so guests shouldn’t limit themselves to only hot dogs, pretzels, and domestic light beers.

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Similar to our articles about restaurants near Florida and Arizona MLB Spring Training stadiums, we have compiled a list of the best eateries near each March Madness arena. This doesn’t mean each entry contains the best restaurant in each respective city, but the best that’s only a couple miles — or even better, walking distance — from the host venues. Make a little time before or after the game for a bite at one of these distinguished establishments of various types, and go [insert your favorite team here]!