8 Rules a Good Host Never Breaks

Make these rules a habit and become a successful host
Dinner party.


Dinner with friends.

The table was set to perfection, you prepared an exquisite meal, you made a sensational signature cocktail, you spent time with your guests, and at the end of the night your guests praised your efforts. You'd thrown a successful dinner party. You'd been the perfect host.

8 Rules a Good Host Never Breaks

It isn't hard to be a good host, but there are some basic rules you've got to remember. One of the first ones is to bear in mind the occasion for the event — whether it is to celebrate a promotion, to welcome friends from out of town, to say thank you to someone who has done you a good tur, or just because you want to hail a new season with some of your favorite dishes and people. Once you consider why you're inviting people over in the first place, you can choose a stellar guest list — and the guest list matters. But that's just one thing to remember.

Here are some rules followed by some of the most successful hosts we know — rules that will have you entertaining with ease.

Rule #1

The Perfect Guest List


A party is always fun with good guests.

Be strategic when creating your guest list. Remember, at a dinner party the main entertainment is conversation. If your guests don't get along, chosen, then regardless of how elaborate the meal or how good the wine, you’ll be hosting an epic fail.

Rule #2



Invitations mailed snail mail is not always a bad thing.


A good host recognizes that people have lives of their own, and may need to make advance arrangements to be free on a Friday or Saturday night or a holiday. Invite guests at least three weeks prior to the occasion, and invite them by email or the old-fashioned way — snail mail. No, text messages are not acceptable.