5 Fun and Easy Basketball-Themed Snacks from Pinterest

These super simple and kid-friendly treats will be a slam dunk at any hoops party
basketball sugar cookies

Photo Modified: Flickr / Mr. Gray / CC0 1.0

Basketball sugar cookies will sweeten up any b-ball party.

It’s finally November, and that means that basketball season is in full swing — so it’s time to start getting ready for watch parties and tailgates with a little sweet and salty help. Unlike footballs, basketballs have a spherical shape to begin with, so making basketball-themed foods for a party or tailgate isn’t a particularly difficult task. But just in case you’re totally stumped, take some inspiration from Pinterest with these fun and easy snacks.

Basketball Cake Pops

Turn an everyday white chocolate-dipped cake pop into something sporty by making a basketball. Buy orange melting chocolates instead of white ones, and after making the cake pop, melt some milk chocolate and pipe on the lines of the basketball.

Basketball Sugar Cookies

Frost your favorite sugar cookies with a simple buttercream icing dyed orange. Then, take a piping bag and some dyed black frosting, and make a basketball design. This simple basketball-themed cookie is the perfect way to get your kids helping in the kitchen.

Cheese Poof Basketballs

For a salty and super simple basketball snack, put your favorite circle-shaped cheese poofs in a white paper cup to mimic balls going into the net. To really get into it, draw the net lines onto the cup for a slam-dunk snack.

Chocolate-Covered Basketball Cookies

Dip your favorite sandwich cookie in melted orange-dyed white chocolate. Refrigerate the dipped cookie until it’s solid, and then pipe on milk chocolate to make the basketball stripes for a fun, fudgy snack.

Oranges Decorated Like Basketballs

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If cookies and cake seem too unhealthy, oranges naturally have the color and texture of a basketball. For this natural b-ball snack, draw on the basketball lines with a food-safe marker and — voilà! — you have some fresh fruit for your party.