Instant Pot Recipes For Game Day

Whether you're tailgating, homegating, or just casually sitting on your couch with some buddies and watching a day of football or basketball on TV, no game day is complete without a selection of snacks. It's honestly hard to imagine a day of sports without a variety of dips, barbecue, and appetizers. But, there's one problem with a lot of classic party foods: They take, a long, long time to make.

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Pulled pork needs to stew for, like, half a day. Chili needs to stay on the stove for hours on end to perfectly blend its flavors. When you're planning a watch party or heading to the stadium for an early-morning tailgate, making time for all of those laborious foods can be a real struggle. Luckily, there's a solution to your game day woes: the Instant Pot.

This all-in-one slow-cooker/pressure-cooker/steamer is going to be your best friend on game day. It can make whipping up party must-haves like Buffalo chicken dip, pulled pork, and chili much easier and faster.

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