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Forget Brunch, Here’s How to Throw an Unforgettable Breakfast

If you’re a morning person, the perfect weekend begins with a breakfast party

Though brunch has been a highlight of our weekends for as long as we can remember, we think it’s receiving a little too much of our attention and affection. Extravagant brunch parties take as much work, planning, and preparation as dinner parties, and they can easily drag on from mid-morning to early evening. This means that the relaxed Sunday morning that you thought would revolve around sharing waffles with friends has now eaten up your entire weekend. This is why we’re keen on swapping brunch parties for breakfast parties: If you’re a morning person, we are certain that you’re going to love this new trend.

Forget Brunch, Here’s How to Throw an Unforgettable Breakfast (Slideshow)

Breakfast parties should begin fairly early on in the day: If you try to host one any time after 10 a.m., you’re at risk of creeping back into brunch territory. Set an early start time for your party — it may sound like a headache to have your friends in your home at such an early hour on the weekend, but this breakfast party isn’t going to be a fancy, formal affair. Make hosting easier on yourself by enforcing a dress code of pajamas, having everything ready and waiting a day in advance, and swapping the cocktails for an extra pot of coffee, so you really can just roll out of bed, warm the food up in the oven, and be immediately ready to host.

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The secret to a successful breakfast party is simplicity and preparation. As this is breakfast, and not brunch, lunch, or dinner, there’s no need for any extravagance or fancy extras. You can forget about vases of fresh flowers, a perfect soundtrack (honestly, the radio will be just fine), and an Instagram-perfect pile of waffles: Instead, set out a range of cereals, buy in some pastries, and warm up a casserole you made the day before. In the last few minutes before your guests arrive, all you need to do is brew some coffee and pour some juice into a pretty pitcher, and you’re ready to go. Hosting breakfast is simple, fun, and the perfect way to spend a weekend morning.