Smart Toaster Makes Toast Exciting Again

Look out, pancake art

App-controlled toaster allows you to toast images, text, and the weather onto a piece of bread.

If you’re not a pancake person, but long to express your creativity in breakfast form, this new smart toaster might be perfect for you.

Toasteroid, “the first app-controlled smart image toaster,” allows users to toast custom images, messages, and even the weather onto a piece of bread.

A Kickstarter funding the project has, at the time of publication, raised more than $100,000 of its $150,000 goal.

Users download the corresponding mobile app and connect to the toaster via Bluetooth. There is a collection of templates to choose from or you can sketch out your own design. You then select how dark you prefer your toast.

The wide slot of the Toasteroid is compatible with a variety of bread widths, and normal toast can be made by simply pushing the start button on the side of the toaster.

It employs microfilament heating technology to evenly toast bread, ensuring not only aesthetically pleasing but delicious toast as well.


Early birds can snag a Toasteroid Mini for $59 and a Toasteroid for $79.