What People Eat for Breakfast Around the World


What People Eat for Breakfast Around the World

From Australia to Venezuela, see what’s on the menu for breakfast in 20 different countries

When it comes to choosing what to have for breakfast, the decision usually a no-brainer. Most people stick to whatever they normally have (cereal, oatmeal, maybe an egg sandwich) and go on their merry way without giving the meal much thought.

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But have you ever stopped to think about how breakfast differs in other countries?

Although grains and fruit make cameos in most regions, the exact meals can actually vary quite a bit — not just in the type of foods served, but also in the quantity. After all,  breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day. Sure, we need to consume calories early to fuel the rest of our waking hours, but a large breakfast would probably put most of us to sleep before lunchtime.

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Here are 20 examples of typical breakfasts or common options from countries all around the world. How do they compare to your usual meal?