The Muffin Pan, Your Ultimate Make-Ahead Brunch Party Tool

Muffin pan brunch tool

Keebler Club Quiche

Ah, sweet brunch — perhaps the most serene and tranquil of all meals, and brunch parties should be the same. While the guests are dining, who wants to be scrambling eggs and slaving over the frying pan perpetually flipping the quickly disappearing stack of pancakes?

Say hello to the newest addition to the make-ahead brunch party essentials, and the best part? It’s probably already tucked away in your kitchen. The muffin pan is perfect for concocting delectable dishes both the host and the guests will adore without the stress of even serving distribution or constant maintenance.

For a savory idea, consider these great ideas — a Keebler club Quiche or these adorable Mini Egg Bites. Place in the oven just before guests arrive, and in mere minutes each of them will be please with a delectable yet light dish.

For a sweet option, fill muffin tins with pancake batter and individualize with different fruit fillings per guest, relieving the host of having to flip pancakes all morning. Case and point: whip out the muffin pan and relax with pride during your next brunch party.


With all of the time you’ll be saving in the kitchen, you can be at the table mingling and having cocktails with your guests!