8 Family-Style Meals That Are Perfect for Summer

Feed the whole family with these delicious meals

8 Family-Style Meals That Are Perfect for Summer

If you're looking for a casual summertime meal, why not try these family-style recipes?

30-Minute Paella

This quick-cooking dish has all the flavor of the traditional version, but is ready in only a fraction of the time. As an added bonus, you can cook the entire meal in one skillet!

Backyard Clambake

You won’t have any problem getting your family to assemble for dinner if you’re serving this delicious backyard clambake. Though there is a bit of boiling and grilling involved, you’ll find that this recipe is actually an easy way to get a complete meal ready with very little effort.

Build-Your-Own Tacos


The ultimate casual weeknight meal? Tacos. Choose your favorite recipe, set out all of the toppings, and encourage everyone to grab a plate and create. Make your taco dinner even more delicious by making an easy salsa from scratch.

Fried Chicken


Make a big bucket of this simple-yet-delicious fried chicken and we guarantee your family will come running when you call “dinner!” Since you’re already deep frying, drop a few julienned potatoes into the hot oil for French fries. Then, whip up a quick coleslaw for a complete casual self-serve meal.

Lemongrass and Turmeric Chicken

This fragrant and flavorful roast chicken is so easy to make — the key is to marinate the chicken in the refrigerator overnight. All that’s left to do the next day is to stuff the chicken with a few ingredients and roast the bird in the oven to golden brown perfection. You can serve the chicken whole on a bed of rice for an easy, family-style meal.

Mexican-Style Lasagna

This easy one-dish meal has a twist — instead of pasta and tomato sauce, it’s layered with corn tortillas and salsa. While it’s cooking, mix up a few virgin margaritas and gather the family on the deck for some quality time before dinner is served.


Pizza Primavera

The odds are good everyone in your family loves pizza. This version is loaded with grilled summer vegetables, making it the perfect healthy treat. If you make the pizza dough in advance, this quick and easy dinner will come together in a matter of minutes.



Nothing says warm weather like fresh vegetables. Load up on eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers at your local farmers market and you’ll have what you need to make a quick and delicious dinner. Serve your ratatouille with a loaf of crusty bread, which is perfect for sopping up the delicious sauce. Bolster this meal even more by adding a precooked rotisserie chicken.