7 3-Day Weekend Destinations to Help You Beat the Heat

If you’re limited on both vacation days and your patience for the heat, consider these 7 weekend getaways

Cooler temperatures and water adjacency make Toronto a solid summer vacation getaway.

When it comes to heat-beating techniques, there are two main schools of thought. The first is the most obvious: Go somewhere that’s not hot. An undoubtedly effective solution, when you only have a three-day weekend, it’s not always possible. After all, if your entire hemisphere is in the middle of summer, you can’t exactly pack up and jet off to the other half of the world with only 72 hours (give or take). Still, a change in latitude can definitely evoke a change in attitude (thanks, Jimmy Buffett), and heading to a higher elevation can help as well. We kept both of these factors in mind for most of the list.

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The other technique is to go somewhere that is hot even more often than your home base. Why? Because locals in those places know the best ways to beat the heat, and their city or town is likely equipped to combat the rising temperatures. Even better, there are locations that exist and thrive simply on their ability to relieve, refresh, and revitalize folks who really need to chill — in both senses of the word. However, going to a hot location in the middle of summer is still a hard sell, so we tried to limit these entries.

With all this having been said, keep in mind there are some geographical limitations to some of the following destinations. It might not be so easy for an East Coaster to get to the West Coast (or vice versa) for the weekend, which is why this list includes destinations all around North America.


In the end, with summer just around the corner, we combined all these factors into one solid list of the seven best locations to help you beat the heat, all of which can be enjoyed in a single long weekend.