22 Ways to Transform Humble Fried Eggs into a Decadent Dinner

A fried egg is a much more versatile ingredient than you might think
Fried Egg


Topped your kimchi fried rice with a fried egg to turn a simple meal into an exciting dinner.

There’s one simple way of transforming every bowl of leftovers you’ve ever eaten late on a weekday evening into a decadent dinner: By serving it with a fried egg on top. A fried egg may seem like a humble ingredient, incapable of adding such an important extra dimension to a dish, but this everyday food should not be underestimated. You can add a fried egg to almost every meal to give it a boost of color, flavor, and texture — transforming what may be a rather basic dinner into a surprisingly impressive, and tasty, meal.

22 Ways to Transform Humble Fried Eggs into a Decadent Dinner (Slideshow)

Last night’s ratatouille, for instance, can be reheated and topped with a fried egg to become a dinner you actually look forward to eating, rather than a slightly underwhelming, repetitive meal.


But don’t keep your fried eggs solely for upgrading leftovers. Adding a fried egg to a meal which feels it’s lacking a certain something will also always be a wise move. Whether you’ve made a salad which is a little too basic, have a bunch of asparagus which isn’t going to be sufficiently satisfactory on its own, or want to add some color and flavor to a bowl of grits, fry an egg, slide it on top, and your dinner will immediately be a hundred times more appealing. There are very few meals that aren’t improved by frying an egg and adding it to your plate.