Make Sushi for Your Brunch or Dinner Party? Yes! Here’s How

It’s surprisingly easy to make your own beautiful sushi rolls at home
Sushi Rolls

Photo Modified: Flickr / Angela N / CC BY 4.0

It’s easier than you think to make these perfect sushi rolls at home.

Making sushi at home may sound like an impossible task that’s not even worth thinking about attempting. Surely there’s a reason people always order sushi as a take-out option on a Friday night, rather than attempting to make it at home. Although it may take a lot practice to get those rolls looking as symmetrically perfect as they do from the local Japanese restaurant, making sushi at home is a satisfying and fun cooking project, which takes surprisingly little time, and yields amazingly delicious results.

How to Make Your Own Sushi at Home (Slideshow)

You don’t need to buy lots of new, expensive tools to get started with making sushi. This isn’t like making pasta where you feel the need to buy a swanky new pasta maker to motivate you to get started. Instead, all you need is a simple bamboo mat, and we’re sure you’ll already have the other items: plastic wrap, a sharp knife, a pan for cooking rice, and a baking tray. And if you don’t want to spend five dollars on a bamboo mat, you can make do with a tea towel for now.

The ingredients don’t have to be complex either. You’ll need some sushi rice, which you will be able to find in most supermarkets, some nori seaweed, which supermarkets will probably sell, and if not your local health food shop certainly will, and some sushi-grade fish to fill it with. If you don’t have access to a Japanese supermarket with a fish counter, or a quality local fishmonger, just change the filling to fresh, crunchy vegetables or cooked shrimp.

As far as making the sushi goes, once you’ve cooked the rice, the rest of the process is easy and oven-free. We’ll talk you through the simple steps of rolling and slicing, and although your first roll may not look quite as perfect as you had hoped, we promise that your second will be better, and your third even better. This really is a “practice makes perfect” kind of skill, and once you’ve started practicing, you won’t want to stop until you’ve got your rolling technique down to a fine art. There’s no bad thing about eating endless sushi for the next few days.


Grab your rice, your filling, your bamboo mat, and your rolling partner, and spend the evening making the finest homemade sushi rolls. Invite your friends over to share your creations — they’ll be more than impressed — and if it all goes wrong, empty everything into a bowl and call it a sushi bowl none of your work will be going to waste.