7 Boozy Brunch Cocktail Recipes

Brunch is popular all year long, especially here in New York, but with spring just a few weeks away, it's only going to get busier at all of the top spots. For those who don't reserve ahead of time, unfortunately, you'll be stuck dealing with long wait times and rushed meals, with little hope of a relaxing meal with friends. To avoid the stress, consider hosting a boozy brunch yourself. Just think about it — there's no place like home, and there's nothing better than vegging out with friends and enjoying great noshes, hype music, and incredible cocktails. If you don't feel like cooking, make it a potluck. And if you've indulged a bit too much, you are already home and friends have a safe place to stay. We've searched for the best cocktails to serve, so read on so you can plan your next shindig. Pop the bottles and let the fun overflow!

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Blueberry Pomegranate Shimmy

Whether or not you or your guests are calorie-conscious, we suggest trying a glass of Blueberry Pomegranate Shimmy. Basically an elegant version of a Jell-O shot, this figure flattering, cocktail (it has fewer than 50 calories) is unique and doesn't skimp on the alcohol either.

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Champagne Margarita

This delectable beverage is the lovechild of all Champagne and margarita gods. This fancy margarita has is all: tangy lime, smooth tequila, and a bit of sweetness topped off with bubbly.

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Cucumber Lavender Sour

Thankfully, spring is on its way. To get in the mood, try this fresh Cucumber Lavender Sour. It screams spring as you sip ginger liqueur mixed with lemon juice, vodka, and lavender. Garnish with a seasonal flower and cucumber to lift your guests' spirits.

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Pear Bellini

Looking for a simple but impressive boozy treat? Try this knockout Pear Bellini, brimming at the rim with Champagne or sparkling wine. The pear juice adds a pleasant note, causing this tipple to disappear in no time.

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Pineapple Pisco Punch

Boozy punches and crowds have a long history together. (Usually, hilarious and embarrassing stories accompany the scenario.) If you have very thirsty guests and want to add a touch of class to your punchbowl, we suggest serving Pineapple Pisco Punch. Tropical juices like orange and pineapple combine with chai to create an unusual cocktail that will have your guests raving.

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Irish Coffee

Spice up your coffee selection by adding this classic Irish Coffee into the mix. Who would turn down home-brewed coffee with a dash of whiskey and whipped cream? After a few sips, guests will experience their own luck of the Irish. We suggest serving this around St. Patrick's Day.

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Wake Up Cocktail

Everyone has a friend who's a straggler in the mornings. Once he or she finally arrives to brunch, hand over this caffeine-loaded pick-me-up. Made with Kahlúa and espresso, the Wake Up will surely do the trick and your friend will be the life of the party. Try the recipe with Absolut's Vanilla Vodka for a sweet kick in each sip.

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