The 11 Best Restaurant Egg Dishes in America

From the highbrow to the lowbrow, these egg dishes are nothing short of magical

The Egg Caviar is the most famous dish at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's New York flagship, Jean Georges. 

The going rate for one egg these days is about 10 cents depending on where you live, making it one of the least expensive, most convenient, versatile, and delicious sources of protein you’ll find. There are literally an infinite amount of culinary uses for an egg, and just about every restaurant in America that’s open during breakfast or lunch hours has an egg dish of some sort on the menu. But at these 11 eateries, you’ll find the absolute best egg-based dishes in America.

The 11 Best Restaurant Egg Dishes in America (Slideshow)

The territory has been well-trodden: scrambled, in an omelette, over easy, over hard, hard-boiled, poached, in egg salad… There’s really no wrong way to eat an egg. They’re delicious by themselves, delicious when mixed with meats or vegetables, delicious when served with just about any savory dish you can think of. On a steak? Sure. On a burger or hot dog? Yep. Fried chicken? Totally. Tucked inside a meatloaf? Classic. On a pizza? Definitely. Think there’s a dish that isn’t improved by the addition of an egg? Try it and report back to us. We bet you’ll be surprised.

But while it’s hard to make an egg dish taste truly bad (we’re looking at you, overcooked poached egg), some egg dishes are transcendentally good. You can get a decent eggs Benedict anywhere, but what about when instead of Canadian bacon it’s slow cooked cochon de lait? What happens when some of America’s best chefs get their hands on eggs and let their imaginations run wild? You get some truly astounding creations.


From wild inventions that we can’t even believe exist to perfect interpretations of classic egg dishes, read on to learn which egg dishes are America’s best. Running the gamut from highbrow to lowbrow, this proves that what can be done with an egg truly knows no bounds.