Would You Eat This $20 Egg Sandwich From Dominique Ansel and Wylie Dufresne?

The latest offering from the Cronut Guy is an upscale bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with a side of truffled hashbrowns

A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from your average New York City bodega costs $3.50, in comparison. 

The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is a breakfast staple known to and beloved by most New Yorkers (outside of the five boroughs, most people get their breakfast sandwich fix from Dunkin’ Donuts).But in case you weren’t content with shelling out a few bucks at your corner bodega, Dominique Ansel, the “Cronut King” and experimental culinary icon Wylie Dufresne (formerly of wd~50), have collaborated together to create the wd~Ansel Egg Melt, a luxurious take on the classic breakfast sandwich for $20 apiece, available at Dominique Ansel Kitchen.

The egg sandwich consists of soft scrambled eggs with a confit egg yolk, homemade cheese à la Wylie, black truffle, bacon, and maple flakes, served on a smoked English muffin à la Dominique, with extra crisp truffled hash browns on the side.

"We both did what we do best — Wylie made the eggs, I baked the smoked English muffins," Ansel told Fox News Magazine.


Even if you’re skeptical of the sandwich, the truffled hash browns are available to purchase as a side for any order at Dominique Ansel Kitchen.