The Artisans of Italy: The Goat Cheese Maker

What does it mean to be an artisan in the modern day? This episode of a series by Fusion features a family of goat cheese makers

Where is the line between artisanal and industrial? The term “artisan” is thrown around quite bit these days, but how does one measure the word’s authenticity? Is it by the size of the production? By the machines used? By the techniques?

In Fusion’s series, “The Artisan,” we’re trying to find out what it means to be an artisan in the modern day. How has the craft evolved through all these generations, and who are the ones that have dedicated their lives to preserving it?

In this episode, we meet a family of goat cheese makers who never once called themselves “artisans.” However, after leaving this farm it was clear that although we may not be able to declare who is and who isn’t an artisan, I am able to say that when you see one, you’ll know one.