16 Healthy, Simple, And Impressive Dinner Party Dishes

Hosting a dinner party can seem like an overwhelming task. It sounds like a brilliant idea to host your friends round your dinner table, but you always underestimate the amount of time, organization, and skill that it takes. However, that doesn't need to be the case: These 16 recipes are the solution to hosting a stress-free, but still impressive, dinner party.

16 Healthy, Simple, and Impressive Dinner Party Dishes (Slideshow)

You don't need to spend the whole day (or even several days) leading up to your dinner cooking a showy beef Wellington and constructing an impressive baked Alaska. Attempting to serve these classic — but crazily challenging — dishes, will result in a very stressful dinner party. You'll be rushed as you panic to get everything done at the last minute, as you try to save the baked Alaska which is melting in the oven, and are forced to serve a beef Wellington wrapped in a strangely soggy pastry.

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Instead, follow one of these recipes for an impressive, but amazingly simple dinner. All these dishes will look stunning when served at the dinner table, and will have taken you very little time to pull together. Whether it's a simple whole roasted fish, or a miso broth ramen, there's a wide variety of dishes that even those of you who really aren't confident cooks will be able to master.

As well as being foolproof, these recipes are also healthy: An evening spent entertaining doesn't have to center around a rich, calorie-laden dinner. Try the beet and barley risotto for a healthier twist on the creamy, Italian classic, and end dinner with a simple blueberry frozen yogurt, freshly churned in your own ice-cream machine. Is there any better way to end dinner than with homemade soft-serve?

Read on to be inspired to host a healthy, simple, and impressive dinner party.

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