Row 1

1822 W Sunset Blvd (at Glendale Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 413-8200

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Foursquare Tips

  • Great place to hear live music
  • How do they get such amazing shows? Who knows. Actually we do. It's because of the amazing staff! The Bootie AND Bearracuda... Now that's a fuzzy mashup! TW 's Echoplex!
  • Lots of great music shows happen here, but sometimes the most fun events are offbeat, like roller disco, mash-up clubs, life-size Tetris playoffs and massive rock-paper-scissors competitions.
  • Great spot to take in a free Monday night residency!
  • Can't find parking? You can usually find street parking by the Burger King and take a short walk from there!
  • Although the sound and layout leave much to be desired, the Echoplex has hosted some of the best LA music nights of past 5 years. Consistent sounds.
  • DRIPPING with 80s excess: mirrors, neon, and gaudy colors everywhere... and some of most consistently great touring bands and DJ nites.
  • Bulleit at the main bar, not the small bar.
  • Go to Echoplex on the first Saturday of every month for Bootie LA, mega kickass mashup party! Arrive around 9PM to get a free CD. Killer.
  • The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at the echoplex #tbt90s
  • I ALWAYS spend less inside when you charge me to get in. That only makes sense.
  • One of my favorite LA nights starts at the Echo with a Little Dragon performance, or the Echoplex for a RZA show before heading to the Short Stop for a last call PBR.
  • Bootie LA is one of the best times you can have in LA. Everyone dances like no one is watching.
  • Go give the sound guy some money.
  • See the random valet? And the Security guard? that alley is where you enter. Order two Boots pizza from the bar and drink and dance.
  • Sweaty. Packed like sardines. Better to go to The Whiskey, The Roxy or The Troubador if you want to sweat with a bunch of people around you. Cheap though. Feels like The Glass House in Pomona.
  • The bouncer cussed me out and physically threatened my boyfriend. I do not feel safe at a venue that allows their employees to treat patrons in this way. Customers should be respected, not threatened.
  • Great bands, friendly staff and the the sound guy that usually works Part Time Punks is hot.
  • The go to spot for metal bands playing in LA. Unfortunately the acoustics behind the sound booth leave something to be desired.
  • I love their mash ups! Best dance party ever! Can't wait for July!!!!!