Duckett's Public House

Dive Bar, Bar
821 N Killingsworth St (btw Mississippi & Albina)
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 289-1869


  • Duckett's motif seems to be impending doom, and they carried it all the way through, from the patrons who size you up for a potential robbery to the bright lights to aid any potential witnesses.
  • If you can help it don't use the bathroom here. Ants were crawling on the toilet seat... Along with other things.
  • Bring your gun if you come here. NoPo is a MoFo.
  • The cosmos don't look like much but pack a punch :)
  • The Chicken Quesadilla is surprisingly good.
  • NORTH... I hate when people write addresses and cant read, so north has east added. Adidas complex, n Greeley, news used to say old Bess Kaiser hospital ne. I lived up the street farther east.