Duane Reade

Pharmacy, Convenience Store
296 Flatbush Ave (at 7th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 399-2716


  • I've come to expect a problem every time a refill a prescription.
  • Worst for filling scripts!! Absolutely idiots!!
  • I will never take a prescription here again. I'm going to Kings Pharmacy two blocks down Flatbush. They seem to care if you get the meds you need, when you need them.
  • Cheapest place for 35mm color film processing. Good work too.
  • Pharmacy is sooooo slooooooow...
  • Slowest pharmacy line ever.
  • This is absolutely the worst pharmacy. Every time I pick up a prescription here it winds up taking at least two trips for them to get it right, even if theyve notified me that its ready. AVOID!
  • Very long lines for prescriptions and poor service. Kings Pharmacy is across the street.
  • Always a life saver after midnight. Kind staff
  • It's incredibly difficult to find things in this Duane Reade.
  • Can't find everything I need, like in most other Duane Reades
  • You will never ever ever get your prescription filled. And they truly could care less
  • This Duane Reade has the poorest selection of merchandise, worst layout and slowest checkout (even when there's no line) I've seen. I've come here and left without what I came for many times.
  • Called ahead for a flu shot...they said it was walk in, and to just come by. Information that would have been useful....telling me you were out of stock?! Thanks for wasting my time AGAIN pharmacy.
  • Best pharmacy of all the Duane Reades I've been to
  • Since the re-do, I have no idea where anything is in here.
  • Dont buy any candy here, they are ripping us off! Go to any bodega And get your reeses or snickers 30% cheaper
  • Giving away free stuff!
  • Wth!!! It is like theyre always understaffed here! The line is forever slow!
  • Film processing machine down for the last 2 weeks. Go to Time Square location if you need quick turnaround.

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