The Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas Unlocks the New Era With Smartphone Room Keys

From, by Vicki Arkoff
The Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas Unlocks the New Era With Smartphone Room Keys

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, including millions of lost and discarded hotel key cards. Caesars Entertainment is now offering a slick new solution that takes advantage of mobile phone technology. All 188 guest rooms at The Cromwell, The Strip’s newest boutique hotel, can now eschew the traditional room key altogether by entering their hotel rooms through eKey, a newly-introduced electronic key app. The revolutionary service marks the first step in digital hospitality modernization by also enabling guests to skip the lobby check-in/check-out process with a self-check-in function right from their smart phone.

Hotel guests are given a link to download The Cromwell app and an access code exclusively tied to their iOS device and booking reservation. After downloading the app, enter the ID number, then simply place the iOS device next to the lock to enter. It also works as an access key for security-monitored elevators.


“The launch of eKey at The Cromwell is just another example of how Caesars Entertainment is creating the most immersive and innovative resort experience in the world,” said Caesars Entertainment Chief Commercial Officer Tariq. “Using a mobile key is extremely convenient for guests since they won’t have to worry about carrying around their room keys during their stay.”

Shaukat adds that eKeys will eventually be offered at most Caesars Entertainment properties—including nine resorts on The Strip—via the “play by TR” app, which will also have the ability to communicate with hotel valets, housekeeping, room service and more. Though I first encountered the electronic key concept last year at the Stanford Court in San Francisco, The Cromwell is the first in Las Vegas to utilize Kaba’s cloud-based, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled locks featuring Legic ID Connect. If that’s all Greek to you, non-smartphone guests will still be offered traditional magnetic-strip key cards on request.

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