Coolidge Corner Theatre

Indie Movies, Movie Theater
290 Harvard St (at Beacon St.)
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 734-2500


  • The Coolidge serves beer and wine daily until 10pm.
  • The gold screen room speakers were incredibly quiet; don't hesitate to go downstairs and ask them to turn up the volume if you can't hear.
  • See a midnight screening of The Room... and don't forget to bring plastic spoons with you!
  • See a film in an old school cinema. Also, they have beer. And I'm not talking about in a paper cup, I'm talking about a glass of beer.
  • With a mix of first-run and independent productions, this theatre has been delighting audiences since 1933. Big names (including Meryl Streep) have been on recent panels.
  • lookn at the movie posters
  • Few places take pride in the magic of the movies like the Coolidge. They carry some of the best new selections, along with older classics (check out their schedule for special events).
  • Make it a priority to see a flick here instead of at an over-priced, oversized corporate movie theatre chain. The atmosphere is great and the movie theatre seats are extra comfortable.
  • Auditorium 2 is my favorite, with a balcony-but-not-quite at the top. See a film there if you can.
  • This place needs no tips. It speaks for itself. But fine, here's one: you can get beer & wine to watch with your movies. Can't beat that!
  • Take a sip from the fountain at the front of the gold screen room
  • Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation - it certainly won't hurt to enjoy these short films in, how should we put this, an elevated state. ($9, 11:59 p.m., November 19th and 20th).
  • Thursday is college day, 3 bucks off admission.
  • A great indie movie theater. I usually go there for the midnight movies.
  • Take a date night to Coolidge Corner Theater, one of the oldest cinemas in Boston to still stand. The theater offers mainstream, independent and documentary films.
  • great old movies
  • Real butter! Beer and wine! A beautiful main theater! This is the greatest movie theater I know of.
  • Great movie selection. Dont really like the kinda quasi-hipster crowd that usually frequents this place though.
  • Best independent movie theatre in Boston. The venues and the seats are old school but very clean. They show a wide variety of art houses, independent, foreign, and classic movies all year around.

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