Cineplex Odeon Varsity & VIP Cinemas

Movie Theater, Cineplex
55 Bloor St W (at Bay St)
Toronto, ON M4W 1A5
(416) 961-6304


  • The cinema is amazing. The huge recliner seats are so comfortable, it puts other cinemas to shame..
  • NO TALKING DURING THE MOVIE. Also....don't use your goddamn cell phone, even to see if someone texts you. You're not that important and can go 2 hours without looking at your phone!
  • Avoid movies in auditorium #8: it's the worst, it's almost flat!
  • Ticket lineups too long? There is a ticket machine at the Bloor Street Diner, one level below the theatre, tucked inside the entrance.
  • I love the VIP, popcorn and Licensed bar that deliver fairly decent CND wine to your seat. That's good enough movie viewing perks for me :)
  • Theatre 8 is the worst if you're under 5'9".
  • Half price movies on Tuesdays.
  • Great theatre for Sunday afternoon matinees
  • Great place to hang out date nite all @ 1 place that includes alchol too
  • Parking validation makes for cheap easy access in and out !
  • VIP theatres are ridiculously small. The projector is so low that any patron going to the washroom becomes a giant shadow puppet on the screen you just paid $20 to watch a movie on.
  • no timeplay here :(
  • Avoid the VIP at all costs! VIP 1 has the worst screen I have ever seen in a theater. The screen has actual holes in it - a black grid of tiny black holes that completely ruin the image quality.
  • Love the small VIP rooms where you're waited (no lining up at the snack bar, woot!) And LLBO baby! :)
  • What a joke! VIP rooms are small. Waste of money. Feel ripped off!
  • Try the comfortable seats and the unwelcome intimacy created by a tiny room and a tiny screen shared with 20 strangers.
  • VIP is a treat!
  • VIP is awesome and worth the VIP fee. Be sure to get there at least a half hour early to get the seat you want and waiter service.
  • You can get $3 parking for 4 hours after 6pm during the week or anytime on the weekend.
  • You pay a lot more money for a way smaller screen and marginally better seats. Not worth the extra $$.

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