Checkpoint Charlie

Row 1

Friedrichstr. (Zimmerstr.)
Berlin, BE 10969
Historic Site
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • Supposedly the actors that play border guards during the day are male strippers at night.
  • A must see! Great exhibition about the history of Berlin Wall along Friedrichstrasse.
  • Just a tourist circus. If you want to see Wall, must go Bernauer Stae. (You can go with U8.)
  • Welcome to the Disney Land of Berlin.
  • Cross Checkpoint Charlie in the trunk of a car.
  • As a tourist spot, this is overrated. But good to visit once so that you can say that you have been here.
  • !
  • best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War.
  • El Checkpoint Charlie es el ms famoso de los pasos fronterizos del Muro de Berln entre 1945 y 1990. Se encuentra en la Friedrichstrae.
  • You are leaving the American Sector!
  • Make a picture with Soviet / American soldiers. But don't give them any money :)
  • James Bond travels through Checkpoint Charlie in Octopussy (1983); he is driven there by M to find the train Octopussy is using to help Kamal Khan and Gen. Orlov smuggle jewellery through the border.
  • East Berliners tunnelled, dived, ballooned and zip-wired to the West when the Cold War offered cold comfort. Its these great escape stories that make Checkpoint Charlie unmissable.
  • Crowded with shit: McDonalds and lousy souvenir-shops.
  • What's the point of paying to have your passport stamped by fake guards? I really don't get this.
  • Two jerks dressed as soldiers will ask you for money, take your pictures and don't even pay them attention
  • Checkpoint Charlie: the most famous border crossing of all the checkpoints along the wall that used to separate the zone controlled by the USA from that controlled by the Soviets.
  • welcome to Checkpoint Charlie! Make sure to visit the museum. The exhibits ate disorganized but are very informative. It is well worth the price of admission.
  • Give it a miss to avoid disappointment - or smuggle a souvenir out of a shop to increase the thrill factor!
  • Pelos acontecimentos historicos eu esperava mais. O Museu eh bem fraquinho tambem. Nao achei justo o preco do ticket.