Candler Park

Park, Golf Course, Other Outdoors
585 Candler Park Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


  • Candler Park is named after Coca-Cola magnate Asa Griggs Candler, who donated this land to the city in 1922. Thank ya, Asa.
  • Happy 420 Fest! Have fun and drink plenty of Fontis Water!
  • 420 Festival today!!!
  • The golf course and clubhouse have recently neen placed on the "Places in Peril" list. Other than that, this is a lovely park to picnic or catch a game of soccer or tennis.
  • Sweatwater 420 Fest 2012 is rocking starting Fr 4/20 at 4:20, of course
  • Home of the annual Sweetwater 420 Fest, one of our favorite local events. If you've been, check out our 420 Fest episode on 'Must Do Events' On Demand and see if you can spot yourself!
  • Great tennis wall (to practice against solo.) Don't see many of those in Atl.
  • Something is happening here tonight. Don't know what, but I am here!
  • Don't miss the Midsummer Music & Food Festival! The 2011 event will feature 20+ Atlanta Street Food Coalition members like Yumbii, King of Pops, and more, along with great live music all day long.
  • Nice park. .. Tennis courts need to be resurfaced!
  • Quaint and fun downtown
  • It's a beautiful place!
  • . Eat . Free read . Music . Parks . . And then PLAY -------vL
  • Nice fall festival
  • PGROOVE!!!!!! Amberland!!!
  • Go Jungle Jaguars!
  • Great Tennis Wall! Perfect way to get some exercise!
  • Think Caddy Shack when you are golfing, FUN!
  • Corner tavern food stand took $7.00 from 9 year old and would not give the kid the right food. Parent asked for help. Staff said "tough luck". Wouldn't have believed it I did wee it with my own eyes.
  • The IPA is delish!

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