Brenden Theatres

Movie Theater, Cineplex
1985 Willow Pass Rd. (at Galindo St.)
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 677-0450


  • Good deals on movies here. It's the cheapest theater around! Support your local theater.
  • $8.25 for adults even on weekend nights?! That's a bargain these days!
  • Disappointed, This place has turned into a real Dump..!!!.. Theaters are never clean. Movies always scratched and employees are rude. What happened?? Take the time to drive up the street to Century!!
  • 8 bucks for movie. Cheaper for kids. good location. Next to some good eats!
  • Very kind staff and great value for your money! You can see a movie on premiere night for only $8.50!
  • They have the nicest people working here.
  • Don't come on a Friday night its just a bunch of annoying little high school kids.
  • Head over to P-Hill. This place has gone way downhill over the years.
  • After the show is over, as the credits roll get ready for a blinding light!
  • Fun theater! It's very 90s with all the neon. Theaters need a bit of TLC and a deep scrubbing
  • Best value theater in the area, friendly staff and good A/V for a great price
  • Surprisingly cheap !
  • Love this place! Came to see a movie and just when the movie got good the screen turns pitch black, the crowd was mad, manger apologize and issued us a voucher for free admission,good service
  • God this place has really gone to crap!! Where's Johnny B. can't believe he let this place go so down hill. Don't even feel safe when seeing a movie on Fri/Sat nights here. Go to century or Maya!
  • Customer service here is awful. The place doesn't seem kept up well. The manager and other guy behind the register had bad attitudes.
  • Stadium seating with recliners that have reserved seating. A new restaurant that serves beer and wine.
  • Check and clean your reclining seat before you sit down!
  • Luxury reclining seats, but you have to butter your own popcorn. Choose your battles...
  • Love to patronize the local theatre. Comfortable stadium seating.
  • Movies in a place where your shoes don't stick to the floor

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