Breakfast, Value, Cheddar Whopper, Etc.

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Breakfast, Value, Cheddar Whopper, Etc.

Breakfast is booming, we’re continually told. Mintel in July reported that more than 50% of consumers say they were ordering breakfast foods from foodservice outlets more often than one year ago. Breakfast is so big that it’s all-day at McDonald’s, Jack in the Box and some others. So why aren’t breakfast foods treated to the same level of innovation that burgers receive. Perhaps it’s just that we want breakfast to be familiar and comforting?

BK pancakesThat could explain two burger chains’ breakfast news this week. Burger King is offering three pancakes with syrup for 89¢. How is that eaten in my car on the way to work?

Carl’s Jr. anticipates that problem. It has revived its French Toast Dips: five sticks of fried (sort of) French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar. Syrup comes with for dipping. Convenience has its price: the Dips sell for $2.29 alone or $3.99 with hash rounds and a coffee or other drink.carlsjr-frenchtoastdips2

The dearth of breakfast burgers befuddles me because they would sell. Spike Mendelsohn knows that. As I reported yesterday [it was sent outt late; you may have missed it] his Good Stuff Eatery opening this week in Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., will serve breakfast. That includes a third-pound, fried-egg-topped Spike’s Sunnyside breakfast burger.

I’m hearing McDonald’s will introduce chocolate-chip pancakes in Australia, perhaps next week, which is a bit different. But new ideas are welcome.


The “value bundle” competition cooled off when summer ended, but Krystal has rekindled the fire with a new “More for $4” deal. That price gets you two little, square Krystal burgers, two boneless wings, fries, a Coke and a Ghirardelli chocolate-chip cookie.


If it’s ideas that are needed, here’s one, brought to my attention by Britain’s burger baron Burger Lad. Burger King’s Cheddar Whopper in the UK has a Cheddar-infused bun and a fried 4-cheese patty plus Cheddar cheese sauce. Only problem? Look how small it makes the beef patty look.

cheddar-whopper_500x540px_72dpiBurger Lad also reports on McDonald’s Festive Cheese Feast burger for the holidays in the UK. It has beechwood-smoked bacon, cheese sauce, seasoned grilled onion, ketchup and lettuce on a toasted bun. Its chicken flanker is the Spicy Chicken Winter Melt with an Emmental cheese slice, fire-roasted red-pepper sauce, slivered onion, mayo and lettuce. What’s McDonald’s giving us for the holidays?

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