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Oyako Don
Never mind the chicken or the egg. How about the chicken and the egg? “Oyako” means “parent and child” in Japanese, and so this dish is open to many interpretations. The most commonly found version here in the U.S., however, is the chicken and the egg over rice. Whoever invented this dish had a pretty decent grasp of the concept of irony — I wonder how the chicken would have felt if it had known that it would end up cooked next to its progeny. Or did the egg come first? (In this case, I’m not sure that’s possible.) Alas, I’m anthropomorphizing, and none of this really matters because unless you live on a farm, those eggs probably didn’t hatch from the same chickens. Either way, it’s a delicious and simple comforting dish. Click here to see What Are Heirloom Eggs?
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