Top Rated Capellini Recipes

The dish, “Randy’s Lemon Capellini,” is simple to make, and was a big hit at a recent potluck lunch at his home-away-from-home, Kleinfelds. Randy has teamed up with The Pampered Chef’s Cookbook for a Cause, Vol. 3 - a charitable cookbook featuring TLC stars’ favorite recipes with proceeds benefitting Feeding America® to help families in need nationwide.
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Capellini alla Primavera
Pasta with spring vegetables — or, for that matter, any vegetables — has always been a staple of Italian cuisine. But Sirio Maccioni, the renowned Italian restaurateur who has owned Le Cirque for decades, claims to be the one to baptize it primavera in 1974. Along with Romeo Salta, and the Giambelli brothers, Sirio was at the lead in bringing the fine Italian dining experience to New York. Sirio runs a restaurant that is French by name but serves pasta primavera. Click here to see Lidia Bastianich's Take on Italian-American Cuisine.
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Capellini with Bacon and Breadcrumbs
Friends coming for dinner? This quick recipe delivers restaurant-quality flavor and appeal in no time. Click here to see How Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight.
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